Remove wheel bearings without a puller.

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    Remove wheel bearings without a puller..

    Replacing the front wheel bearings in my '09 XL1200C. So the Motor Company has engineered another road block to get me back to the dealer. Sorry MC not this time. Spent a lot of the morning looking through HD forums on how to pull the front wheel bearings. Lots of good info but dang if I'm gunna spend my hard earned money because some retard figured out a way he thinks to bring me back to the dealer. Anyway remembered knocking bearing races out of car hubs because they have a notch cut in them from the rear so you can get a punch on the race. Well a Dremmel with a small cutting disc attached makes a great notch in the spacer behind the bearings with no ill effects to the operation of the spacer. Two minutes with the Dremmel behind the inner bearing race and a nice little notch appeared. My brass drift did the rest. It's just a dang shame that HD is so pathetic when it comes to finding ways to screw the common man. Nuff Said.

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  2. Jeff Klarich

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    That's using the old noodle, good job and tip.:s
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    Good job, adapt and overcome
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    Thanks for posing this, hopefully a lot of folks can save $ !
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    Even though that is an easy job, you never quit.....Well done!