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    Khartoum here. I have a 2004 Softail Standard. Can anyone advise best method to remove the battery for charging/attaching a battery tender without setting off the alarm ? I have contacted two dealers who have advised as follows:

    Dealer A: Disarm Alarm with keyfob , undo negative terminal , hold negative end in contact with battery while undoing positive end , use key fob to disarm intermitantly (less than 30 second intervals) , release neg end , release pos end and remove battery.

    Dealer B: Set alarm system to service mode and remove battery.

    Has anyone out there had a this problem before ?

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    Re: Good Morning All.

    Good morning and welcome to the forum, this section is for introducing yourself and usually questions asked here will not get many replies. This is the proper forum for questions which is below this forum.

    If I'm not mistaken setting the system to service mode needs to be done with the digital tech by the dealer. As far as the other method, power disconnects ride the system into self arm mode and sounds the siren with it's own power, that's how they are designed to operate.

    Try this...
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