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Reinhart slipons


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Have a few questions.
I have a 07 Road King Classic and would like to put on Rinehart slip ons.
What do I need to do beyond that?
New air filter?
Power controller?
Have been getting a lot of different opinions on this.
Could someone please clarify.

Thanks in advance

Re: Rinehart slip-ons

Adding the reinharts can be done with little more on some bikes but the 07 that you have uses the 02 sensors in the system. They will adjust the fuel to only a degree and not in the entire range, just cruise, so you could be lean and hot in other areas.

If you install the slipons, I would recommend a fuel enricher of your choice and possibly add the stage one if you want to get a better running motor. All three combined will add about 10-12 HP and torque also if done correctly.
I like the TFI by techlusion for adding fuel because of the ease of installation and can be removed if warranty work is needed without a trace as long as the mufflers and stock A/F were put back on. It works well with no maps or fuss and is very user friendly.
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