Regulator plug on a 1992 Dyna

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    The voltage regulator plug connecting to the engine stator on my 1992 Dyna has a tendency to come loose. I tried silicon adhesive, electrical tape and now heat shrink tubing to try to hold them in place. The male voltage regulator plug appears to be very shallow so it does not sit all the way into the female stator plug. I thought it might have something to do with the plug so I went to the local Harley Dealership to see if they would sell the plug. The answer was no, they only sell the entire voltage regulator with the plug.
    Has any one experienced this and do you have a fit?

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    I've used this type of connector to replace many broken or faulty connectors on various makes of motorcycles. It's robust and won't vibrate loose. I've never had one fail. Although it's not specifically made for scoots- the price is right. About $5 US bucks from Jaycar. You might even find a similar connector in an auto parts store. Living in Fiji has required me to be very resourceful.[​IMG]

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    Hi ADragon; I also have a '92 Dyna, and remember me and my buddy ('91 Sturgis) having this problem. My solution was to take a razor and trim a small amount of rubber off of the plug so the male would fit deeper. I also used a pair of needle nose pliers to "slightly" crimp the female connectors so they would fit tighter. It has worked very well on my Dyna. My buddy's had arc'd badly and burned the female connectors. We had to to remove the rotor and splice new wires (there is zero extra inside), and bought a new connector (radio shack?) to solder on the V.R. and stator. The connector was a bit different, but I think some silicone sealed up the case. The hold down clamps, mentioned above were a common addition to evo engines and work well. Good luck
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    Thank you all for the suggestions. Great help and very much appreciated you all taking time to share your experience.