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    A man suspects his wife of having an affair during the eay while he is at work. He sneaks home early one day and finds his naked wife in bed with the covers all mussed up.

    "Where is he?!" the husband roars angrily, "I'll kill him!!" the husband starts frantically searching the house. As he goes into the kitchen, he sees a man running down the sidewalk buttining his shirt up. The husband gets so angry that he grabs the refrigerator and tosses it out the window, striking and killing the man below. Suddenly, the husband grabs his chest and dies of a heart attack.

    The husband, along with two other men, are standing before St Peter at the pearly gates. St Peter tells the three men "Hi, welcome to Heaven, before I can allow you entrance, you must tell me what led you to be here". The husband answers "I caught my wife having an affair, I saw the guy running from my house so I chucked the refridgerator at him, I then had a heart attack, and here I am". "You may pass my child, but please work on your anger". With that the husband passed through the gates. "And you my child?" St Pete askes the second guy, "well, it's kind of wierd, I was really late for work and was running down my street to catch the bus and a refridgerator fell out of the sky and hit me, thats all I remember and now I am here". "Hmmm, well my child, you too may pass". And with a kindly smile, St Peter let the 2nd man in. "And you my son, what brought you to my gates?" Pete asked the third. "You tell me, the last thing I remember was hiding in a refridgerator". :newsmile03:
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    Good one.
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    Excellent !!!
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    cccccold in there:p