Red Line Transmission oil Question

Discussion in 'Oil' started by bobalu, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. bobalu

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    I think I've read about every Red Line oil post here and I'm going to try it out in the transmission first. (Red Line Trans. oil with Shockproof)

    My Question for those who have used it:

    I keep reading that it has a "yogurt" consistency and pours in very slowly for that reason. When you go to change it later on though, does it drain out in a thinner consistency then when you first poured it in? It seems it would have problems draining out completely because its so thick. Would you have to flush out the transmission afterward with something to get it all out (for example if you were changing to another kind of transmission fluid)?

    Just wondering.
  2. ron1978

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    i'm running spectro 75-140 , smooth shifting and confident in the oil, its around $20 a quart

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    I think IF you put the quart in at room temp. for a while Before you drain and add it into the tranny, It will pour easily..
    I really DOES stick to all the gears and that is what is so good about it.. No metal to metal wear.(.)

    There have been a few stories that tell about draining out Shcokproof Heavy ,Then forgetting to put NEW back in.. That person rode his bike for over 250 miles before he thought about it.. Checking, NONE in the tranny.. THINKING he had damaged the tranny,,, had it pulled down and NOTHING was wrong or worn... Putting it back together and FILLING it this time.... Yes with shockproof heavy..

    I don't have anything to gain by giving MY stories about their product that I have used for years and LIKE..(just a good feeling Helping others out)

    I also Know that the shockproof will be just as good when you drain it out as when you put it in.. Dave at Redline says You could run it for 40,000 and it would still protect and be good,,,, BUT follow the recommended service time that HD says.... 20,000 miles... I'm coming up to it right now 19,850...on my 09 FLHR

    so NO flushing is EVER needed.. Like Smitty said ,,, Warm the bike up WELL Before you drain..

    Your going to Love the stuff.. Ride Hard and SAFE

  4. wilks3

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    I duct taped funnel/qt bottle into trans and let it drain all night. Still had red coating in bottle 12hrs later.
  5. ultra...good

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    I use it in my ultra and one time while on the road I had to use Amsoil as that was the best that the place i had change it sold. (Bikers Bay in Phoenix) The guy doing the oil change didn't have anything to say about the Redline except that he didn't really like it. Either way, the Trans was a bit noisier (clunk when shifting thru all gears) with the Amsoil, and neutral ws a bit harder to find. Not as bad as when I ran the H/D trans oil, that stuff made the trans sound like it was coming apart, especiallty when it was cold.
    Bottom line, the Redline shockproof heavy is my personal favorite. Even when it is cold out as I leave some mornings and it is below 30F, it is fine as far as I'm concerned. Shifts smooth, and is still quiet. I just hold the clutch from when It starts, until I am ready to put it in 1st and the trans makes no noise at all. And going from Redline to Amsoil and back to Redline has had no negaitve effects. Like Bubbie says, no metal on my drainplug, at all.
  6. dbinbc

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    There seems to be a lot of riders who switched FROM Redline because they ride in cooler or cold conditions. I've used Redline Shockproof for years and we get some pretty cold temperatures around here. I would not use anything else. If its really cold out, just ride a bit easy until everything has had a chance to get up to temp. Smooth easy shifting, minimal clunk and the best transmission protection you can get.
  7. glider

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    If you hang that funnel on the wall, the red-line will still be there next year too when you do your next change.

    Before I switched to Spectro, I used red-line and I use to put the sealed bottle in a bucket of hot water before servicing the bike, it helps when you pour it in the trans.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    This is Why the fellow Who Forgot to Re-fill his Tranny after he drained his Redline Shockproof Heavy OUT, didn't do any damaged to the gears or bearings while riding for 250 miles on empty tranny, ALL Was COATED..


    story can be read on Testimonies on Redline web site, many there.
  9. Jack Klarich

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    I hear what you are saying here Bubbie, my 60 FL leaked sooo bad in the summer I would run STP straight in that 4 speed a lot of times it was near empty tho it never siezed
  10. karlsbike

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    For cold-climate riding I've been recommended the Redline Shockproof Lightweight. I will try that once I get the scoot together and temps are above freezing in the mornings...