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    Here is the deal.

    3am. Very few cars on the road. I am at a bar but only there long enough for 1 beer before this chic wants to go for a ride. So we go for a ride. I am sitting at a left turn red light with my turn signal on, the light cycles through but the sensor doesn't recognize the motorcycle. Ok, no big deal. I wait to make sure that there is no oncoming traffic from any direction and go ahead and make the turn.

    A cop was lurking in the parking lot across the way and before I can finish my turn he is on me with lights and siren blazing.

    (EDITED) He told me that it didn't matter how long I had to sit there. Nobody can proceed through a intersection on a red light.

    Florida law agrees but does not specify what the options are if a light is not functioning correctly. If a motorcycle is a licensed vehicle on the roadway, then the light sensor should be adjusted so that it detects motorcycles and if not, then it is not functioning properly.

    I have already pleaded not guilty to this, primarily because the cop was being a (EDITED), but if anyone has any helpful info, please pass it on.

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    Please read and understand the info in this link...
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  2. Hoople

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    How I understand the law, you must turn right and then make a legal U turn.
    Good luck with your case.
  3. RetiredJake

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    A few states are starting to address this issue, and allow you to turn left on a red if the light has cycled X times without recognizing your bike. However, if your state doesn't address this, then I think you will be out of luck.
  4. Hoople

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    If you can see the cuts in the street where the induction loop is, position your bike directly over a cut. Sometimes that will be enough to make the system detect your limited metal size.
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    I don't know what to do from a legal standpoint but to avoid this from happening again. Two things can set off a traffic signal. The weight of the vehicle (sometimes as little as 600 pounds up to 1500 pounds) or I suggest you go to your local hardware store and buy a magnet. The kind found on the end of those rods for picking up screws and nuts that you have dropped in akward places. Mount this magnet to the bottom of your frame. The magnetic force also alerts the traffic signal that you are there by tripping the underground circuit.
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    Neat idea. The magnet trick would work but you would not want to attach it directly to the frame since that would capture the majority of the magnetic lines of force and leave none for down radiation. Somehow insulate the magnet from the frame or any ferrous metal.
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    I bought a magnet devise couple years ago.since then may 1-2 times it hasn't worked. Just google "traffic light trigger"plenty of info
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    Once I have realized I was left behind and the light wasn't going to change for me on that cycle, I put my kickstand down onto the cut where the wire is to sense a vehicle. This works, but you still had to wait out another series of light changes to get to turn.
    In my area they are now using a lot of lens triggers mounted on the cross bar of the opposite signal. This works well for bikes. It may be because the headlights show up or the camera trigger is better than the imbedded wire type.

    I think the cop could have given a break if traffic was light. Maybe he wanted to see if you were over the limit and was monitoring those coming out of the bar.
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    This is what a friend did to fight the same problem.
    He pleaded not guilty and requested a jury trial and then requested a change of venue basing the change on a conflict of interest, because it is generally in the best interest of the local court to convict you and collect revenue. He finally "negociated" a small fine and no points against his record.
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    I have found that putting the kick stand down a couple of times triggers the sensor.