Recommended 3GEN Settings 2001 RK

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    Bike is a 2001 RK 88ci, with Morelli FI -
    Modifications are:
    Andrews 26N cams,
    SE stage 1 air filter,
    Aftermarket slip-ons (brand unknown).

    Current 3GEN settings 3.5/4/2.5/0.5/4/4.5 -
    I took these setting from another post for a bike with similar mods but with Delphi FI -

    Overall the bike runs strong but has a couple of small issues -
    Light popping on decel
    Slight hesitation on take-off.
    and seems to be running a bit rich but still averaging 40 - 44 mpg :D on two tanks of gas.
    Any recomended setting adjustments will be appreciated!