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  1. Hi,

    After selling my FX Shovelhead I am in the market for a newer model. Looking at the Ultra Classics. I look to spend $6000 to $9000. Been looking at 2000 to 2003 model years.

    If you ride an Ultra or similar model what do you think of it.

    Any issues I should be on the lookout for ... engine or tranny problems. Electrical issues, ect.


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    Check the repair records, to be sure if the cam chain tensioners have been replaced
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    Maintenance records that a owner has is important on a pre owned motorcycle. If someone keeps good records on work done shows to me the scoot is most likely in good operating condition and the owner took care of his or her investment.

    If a used scoot has been well maintained (good record keeping) mileage is not that big of deal as these scoots will run great for thousands of miles. JMHO.

    Good luck in your search.

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    ADDED to the 2 good post already:

    IF a 2000 TC, Look to see the build date printed on the down tubes...

    "IF" Early 1/2 year build (dated dec 99) Best to stay away Unless all the problems have been replaced. (jan 00) good to go... but check the spring Cam Shoes...

    On the Early 00TC... (I KNOW THIS)

    ie; the cam plate needs to be replaced, roller bearing added to rear cam, and the shoes looked at or replaced...

    9000-12000 might get you into a newer model year.... say 07 and up.. Much better IMO... This time of year ESPECIALLY....


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    2002 for the previously cited reasons or jump ahead to 2009 for new touring frame and a few other improvements. Look for those with 25K miles or less; they are out there.:s
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    I had a 2003 Ultra. Bought it in Oct '05 with 43.5K miles on the clock.

    I did the following to it:

    • Switched to full synthetic engine oil, and full synthetic tranny fluid (Mobil 1, and Spectro respectively)
    • Installed Screamin' Eagle 6-speed transmission and True-Track "Trackula" set - 65,396
    • Installed Jagg Oil Cooler - 65,755
    • Replaced Stator and voltage regulator, clutch cable - 66,450
    • Roller chain conversion, Andrews Products N21 cams, adjustable pushrods, Torrington inner bearings, Dobeck Performance TFI-1040ST - 72,690
    • Replaced lifters with a new HD "B" set. Adjusted pushrods to 3 turns, 1 flat (3.166) = 0.132". Replaced exhaust gaskets (HD) with Cometic "Extreme Performance" Stainless Exhaust Gasket - 74,120
    • Replaced VR and battery - 79,300
    • Replaced rear axle and adjuster cam - 81,650
    • Replaced 29987-02A Stator Assy, 45 Amp Single $ 142.95; 29999-97B Alternator Upgrade Kit 264.95; 34906-85D Gasket, Inspection Cover 30.95; 2918 Screw, Cap torx (4) - 83,900
    • Replaced front fork with '06 configuration and 1" lowering kit. Replaced rear lowered air shocks. Replaced brake rotors with floating rotors front and rear. Replaced brake pads on rear. Replaced dash switches. Replaced headlight bulb - 92,450
    • Replace HD AGM battery with Interstate Battery Cycle-Tron Plus 30 AH (FAYIX30L) - 93,500
    • Replaced battery cables. Reset pushrods to 3 turns (0.125") - 93,600
    • Replaced IAC - 95,700
    • Replaced main seal and starter jackshaft seal on inner primary - 99,150
    • Crash. Bike totalled - May 7, 2013 - about 99,600

    I did the 6-speed upgrade because the OEM 5-spd was leaking. The "Tracula" upgrade was to eliminate a "rear-steer" problem. The roller chain conversion was to eliminate the spring-loaded cam chain tensioners. Upgraded the cams to the Andrews 21 grind at the same time. Upgraded the front fork to get rid on the cartridge on the left side. Replaced the air shocks that had gone bad. Had the Odyssey battery in it for a good long time. Best battery I had ever used on it.

    Regular maintenance (oil/filter) at about 3k - 4k miles. Spark plugs too at same time. Lots of tires. Tried more Dunlops, Avon Vipers and Pirelli Night Dragons.

    So I had the bike about where I wanted it when that idiot cager hit me going the wrong way on the HOV. Now I have a '12 UC that I am fiddling with.


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  7. Jeff Klarich

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    TQ's methodic list is what I was talking about. He's the kind of guy i'd buy a a used scoot from.:s
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    How did you like those Pirelli tires?
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    Only had 3,471 miles on them before I got mashed head-on and totaled by the cager. They seemed to be doing OK up to that point though.