Recommend a day ride out of Tucson?

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by Butch, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Butch

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    I'll be in Tucson around Thanksgiving time and thought I'd rent a bike for the day.

    Anybody have any rides they'd recommend? A must do stop or eatery? Will the weather in that area at that time be good for riding, being from WI I'm ok with a cooler temp 35-50, but not my wife (if it ain't 65+ we ain't goin').

    Was thinking I'd head Tombstone way, but definitely open if someone recommends something?
  2. MoDaddy

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    Weather around Thanksgiving should be warm and dry.

    Tombstone is fun for about an hour or so. Then you realize it's a tourist trap.
    Call ahead to check times on the Gunfights. The re-creation of the Gunfight at OK Corral is always worth the time. Food there is so-so. Lots of junk to buy.

    Further down the hiway is Bisbee, a retired open pit copper mine. The town hangs precariously on the side of the steep canyon looking down on the mine.
    Tours available. Good food there. People watching is fun there, as there is a certain 'flavor' to the community.

    Back through the tunnel heading west is a scenic run down into the San Pedro River Valley. Be sure to take a stretch break at the river, under the shade of hundred year old poplars and oaks.

    Cut across the north side of Sierra Vista (or stop by the HD dealership in town for a T-shirt if it's still in business)

    Keep heading west to Sonoita. Beautiful grasslands and rolling hills. This is where race-horses are bred and trained. Gas available and a wonderful steakhouse.

    While down that way, make the quick run west to the town of Patagonia.
    Good food, shady spots, good riding. There's a nice lake close by.
    (DO BE AWARE that there is a significant amount of human trafficking along this route. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE from any groups working their way up. Just treat them like a bee hive; They're busy, leave them alone.)

    From Patagonia, you can continue south-west to Nogales near the border or return back to Sonoita. That leads you back up a very enjoyable ride through more hills to Tucson.

    An alternative for a day ride in the south is to go up the Mount Lemmon Hiway to Summerhaven. Temps at the top (9800 Feet asl) will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the city. Amazing ride. Gorgeous scenery.
    Watch for bears at the camp-sites and squids crossing the double yellow.

    Wherever you go,

    I hope you enjoy our state as much as I do.
  3. sharpscuba

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    I agree on the Mt Lemmon ride and the weather being alittle cooler up there.He has it all covered though.
  4. Butch

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    Thnx guys! Modaddy that run sounds perfect! First time to Arizona - I can't wait!
  5. byronrub

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    Tombstone is okay if you're into the tourist trap thing. I would rather take I-10 east to the Sierra Vista exit, head south to Whetstone, head west thru Sonoita, Patagonia, Nogales, north on I-19 back to Tucson. The exit that goes south to Sonoita is a good run too. Then if you want you can turn left at Son. and run east to Tombstone.
    Another favorite is North thru Catalina, Oracle, Mammoth, up to Globe. West thru Miami,Superior, down to Florence Jct. south back to Tucson. That one is about 200 mi. the first is 160.
    The weather at Thanks giving should be around 70'. The run thru Globe gets over 6000 ft. so take a coat!
  6. waterdog

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    I was going to recommend a Tombstone - Bisbee - Douglas loop back to Tucson, but it appears that MoDaddy has that area covered in much better detail.

    Mount Lemon is pretty cool area too.
  7. sgtcowboyusmc

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    Yup Modaddy has it just about covered. One suggestion I have is when you get to Sierra Vista take a couple hours at Fort Huachuca (Pronounced Wa-chu-ka) they have 3 separate museums there. A lot of history in 3 small buildings. I was at the HD store last year and it was open then. If you go to Bisbee they have a riding tour down into a copper mine. You ride on the same thing that the miners rode on. Maybe I will dig out a pic or two and post. Kinda cool if you like that sort of thing and I do.

    Enjoy the ride. Pretty country there.

  8. josife

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    MoDaddy nailed it hope you njoy AZ.