Recently bought a Nightster YEAH!

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Dudz, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Dudz

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    Hi everybody,

    Finally got the bike of my dreams so far. All black XL1200N. This is my first harley and I am so glad I bought it.

    A few questions:

    I installed some Cycle Shack slip-ons and the sound is much improved. I do hear some popping when I downshift sometimes. I waited until my breakin period of 500 mile before I installed them. I called the dealer where I bought the bike and the guy I talked to told me I should have no problem just sticking these things on and running as-is. Is he right?

    I have my 1000 mile service scheduled in a few days. I didn't realize it but I now have 1300 miles on the bike. I am hoping that 1300 miles and havign the new slip-ons installed did not ruin my bike or my warranty to get it serviced. If anyone had any insight on what I should expect when they check my bike would be great. Perfect scenarion I just walk in they service my biek and I walk out ....but for some reason I don't think that is what is going to happen haha..

    Thanks for any help! Love this forum and I hope to be a contributing member in the future and try to help people as I get more familiar with my bike and everything harley..


  2. glider

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    Just adding the slipons shouldn't cause any problem unless the dealer wishes to make it one. They should run with just slipons and no adjustments, however these bikes are running so lean from the factory that more fuel is sometimes needed to make them run properly.

    Some dealers sell a tuner of sorts and others say it's OK without one. I like to add fuel.

    As far as the 1300 miles now, if your money is green, there shouldn't be any problems from the dealer and especially nothing with the warranty unless you do damage with a modification you do, then ONLY that part is not covered but the rest of the bike is regardless of what they try to tell you.

    Read this

    Dealers And The Magnusson-Moss Act - Harley Davidson Community
  3. Dudz

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    Hey Glider.

    Thanks! I feel much more at ease. The bike seems to run great. Getting my Forward Controls hopefully in the mail sometime this week. After around 200 miles or so my legs were getting a little cramped with mid controls. I put a Mustang Vintage Solo seat with the detacheable passenger pillion. Not bad! Much more comfortable and still looks pretty good in my opinion. Also have the detacheable windshield - I don't normally use because it takes away from the look of the bike but its great on the highway. I highly recommend the detacheable windshield - takes literaly 30 seconds to put on. If ya know you are going to be at 70 MPH for a while it definetly makes a big difference and you don't feel tired. Just my 2 cents....
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    Grats on the new ride .... enjoy
  5. Bud White

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    Congrats on the Ride
  6. Dudz

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    Thanks! :D

    Now just a few more things (possible progressive shocks in the back, maybe the front too) and all set! Might get a detacheable sissy bar and saddlebags if I can find some that fit without much fuss. I really think the sissy bar and saddlebags will take away from the look of the bike but for temporary purposes of carrying stuff and having some sort of back support for the passenger might be a good idea. My friend almost flew off the back. She won't get on unless I get one. I know this really isn't the bike for this stuff but I am convinced I can have the best of both worlds... the bike is just way too cool!

  7. db_fan1

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    Congrats on the ride!!