Rebuilt shovel burning oil from rear cylinder

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    I had a shovel completely rebuilt. Right from the start it was shoing signs of burning oil at the rear cylinder. The mechanic said put 700 miles on it and bring it back in May. After 500 miles nothing changed and I went in to buy some oil and a filter for my new ride. Suddenly he had time for me and said he could safety it that same week! Anyway I told him the shovel was going up for sale in a local rag and need the bike repaired. I finally got the bike back this week in time for the buyer (who purchased the bike over the internet) to pick it up. Now the bike is smoking again. I took it for another opinion and the mechanic said the rings (Wiseco pistons with moly rings) may need to seat. It's bothering me that I'm selling a bike that has a recent rebuild and it's smoking again! Any comments? I'm not going back to this mechanic by the way.

    You are never alone with a schizophrenic! Im going to answer my own question. I went back to my mechanic and he stuck a finger in the exhaust pipes. The front cylinder exhaust was dry, the rear was wet. The mechanic said it is from the valve guide leaking previously and the oil is still sitting in the pipe. Just thought I would pass this along in case someone runs into the same issue.
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