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Rebuilding Front Forks


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Here's a video of how to rebuild your front forks. Davidson repair,customize Front Forks 41mm Michael Durham of Build A Hog inc shows you how to tear down and rebuild a pair of Forks from his Hog Bites #2 video

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Avoid using ATF transmission fluid. This can be too light for most heavy big twins despite having similar chemical qualities. Fork lubricants, whether from the dealer or synthetic is not so expensive as to use ATF in it's place. Only use new fork lubricant from a sealed container. Unused portions should be kept air tight and stored in a cool dry place.

In this video there is no mention about removing the locking rings above the fork seals in the lower leg and it appears as if you just pull the lower leg off the tube. The ring must be removed and the 6 MM bolt in the bottom in order to remove the fork slider.

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Mr. Data,

Do you know any reasons why an '08 Road King Classic fork legs (part# 46497-02A & 46537-02A) will NOT work on my '03 Ultra Classic?

You have a cartridge in the left side on yours. I think the lowers can be used but I would check with the dealer first. Swapping and mixing parts can be a science all in itself.
These are supposed to be the whole leg assys (even if the numbers are for just the sliders themselves). If it will work, then I would be exchanging the RK legs in place of the UC's completely. I would have to get the lowing kits for the RK legs since the rear of my bike has been lowered (shorter air shocks).

It should work if it is the entire leg, however remember about the Brembo brake mounting setup on the 08 bikes like the forks you mentioned here. I don't know if they would fit the style calipers you have now on your 03.

Best bet is to get something compatible with your year from a RK. The 06 RK was supposed to have better valving than previous years and was conventional forks as well.