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Rearview mirror flopping around

Hey everyone, finally got out on the new Nightster and I love it. One thing that was annoying me was the left mirror kept sagging down after I hit a bump or pothole. I'd reposition it, and it would sag again after the next bump. Couldn't find any adjustment for it with the exception of the post position. Any ideas short of taking it back to the dealer for a replacement?
Usually but not always there's two small screws where the stem where it goes into the mirror head. Tighten them a bit (if they are on your mirror) should do it.
Sounds like you are going back to the dealer, there are no adjustment screws on those mirrors. Do yourself a favor and take the mirror off before you take it to the dealer and walk in with just the mirror. You will probably wait a week for them to replace the mirror if you take the whole bike in. HD Stealerships are getting busy and they would be happy to let your bike sit in the service dept for a week or two for your mirror.
Thanks everybody, I figured as much but it never hurts to ask.

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