Rear wobble?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 98ultraevo, Aug 20, 2009.

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    1998 Ultra Classic, feels like your riding on a flat when cornering, not sure if that is the proper wording, bearings worn, swing arm bushings any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I had the same feeling on my Deuce. I realize it's not the same bike as yours, but it turned out my problem was the rear tire (stock Dunlop) was worn flat in the center from riding mostly hiways. You couldn't really see it, but if you ran your hand across the tire from one sidewall to the other, you could feel a slight 'shoulder' in the rubber. When the bike leaned over in a turn, it would ride over the 'shoulder' to the rounded section just above the sidewall. I found it hard to believe, but when I put a new tire on the problem went away.

    I actually had an old timer indy tell me that he used to glue coarse sandpaper to a 2x4, put the bike on a lift, start the engine, and sand the 'shoulder' off.
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    i had the same problem just installed the progressive touring link \brace easy install & works like a champ go to progressive touring brace on ebay 141.99 total
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    When have the rear shocks been checked? this sounds exactly like you could use some new ones, providing all else is in order.
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    Put the Bagger Brace on, and have been happy with the results...while I didnt have any major gripe before it was on (got it as a gift, probably wouldnt have gotten it otherwise), I think there was a marked difference post-install
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    The infamous bagger wobble.

    There are several products on the market to address this problem.

    Most of them bolt onto the oilpan and the frame cross bar (dog bone). I have read about some people experiancing cracking of the oil pan from these products. Having said that, most of the talk out there is very possitive about these products. Most of them run about $350.

    The other product available is a bushing that goes onto the swing arm pivot bolt. This product cost right at $100. Sta-Bo is one company that makes these bushings. I put one of these on my 07 FLHR and like the results. I ride pretty hard at times and the wobbleing during high speed turns is all but gone.

    This product did add a little vibration to the floorboards, but losing the wobble was well worth the trade off.

    There is a lot of stuff written on this topic. Do some research. If your looking for someone else's oppinion on this you'll get an ear full I'm sure.

    The issue is that the swing arm is rubber mounted. That rubber mount does what it was designed to do and dampens vibration with the trade off of some wobble at high speeds after the bushings start to soften and wear. All of the solutions available are going to tighten or limit the flex the rubber mount has.

    Hope this helps.