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Rear Volume stopped working? Tuner works.


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Hello ALL!!!

2000 Ultr Classic Volume issue.

I have replaced the volume switch inside the speaker box and nothing changed.:49: My daughter always was using it and it stopped working, so I replaced the volume switch...(tuner switch works for her fine). We don't use the headsets but she changes the station and volume as needed. My main controls on the bars are fine.
1. My speaker switch is three positions off,middle,all the way down(light comes on). Is that correct? 3 positions?
2. When the speaker switch is OFF, she can change the volume and we can see the indicator move on the LCD...but the speakers are off, so it does not matter...

Is there like something I am missing. Parts guy at HD suggested the switch..I bought into it... 50 bucks...sucker:bigsmiley20:

Anyone have a clue??????