Rear Tire size.

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    What is the maxium size of the rear tire for a 1990 Fxlr. I wont to get a 180 tire on the rear, without a lot of modifications.

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    Look at the tire size Now on the bike.

    Measure tire to belt clearance. Each tire size like (ex. 140 to 150) is a 1/2 inch wider (1/4 inch on one side of tire to belt). This is what I use to get close for the Needed room.

    IF your bike has a 140 stock tire and going 180..?.

    Sounds like you will need Over an Inch on each side to get it on there and yet have belt clearance... REMEMBER, Fender Rub also...

    A one inch Belt replacement of the newer quality like on later bikes will help also.

    Probably not all you need to know but others will be along to help.

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    Your bike stock tire is a 130/16. With the wide belt that is on the 1990, a 140 may rub. I tried a 140/16 on my '92 Dyna and it rubbed the belt.

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    Thanks Pete for your input.

    On my FXDS 2000, (140 stock and wide belt also) the 150 tire had to be a Metzler (better side wall fit) and I Physically had to open the fender where the Ballistic saddle-bag nuts were rubbing on the tire from inside of the fender especially when hitting a bump... The stock belt with that 150 tire had about an 1/8 or less and worked fine. The fender Nuts were the Rub...
    I was much stronger back then and I Just grabbed the fender on each side and Spread open the distance needed.

    Man, MY Younger Days... not now:(

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    When I bought my 94 dyna it had a 130 tyre fitted the profile of that particular tyre was such that it fouled the belt previous owner had spaced the rear pulley by 1/4" which caused the belt to run out of line and put extra strain on the outer edge of the front pulley so the main shaft oil seal failed and the front pulley lock plate also failed
    Although a fat rear tyre can look good to some people the bike was designed to have a specific size and profile of tyre fitted to correctly fit a wider rear tyre the whole bike needs to be redesigned if it is to work correctly
    The simple act of changing tyre type from cross ply to radial on a similar size can cause clearance problems if you plan to enjoy your bike on the road best to stay within the manufacturers guides
    However if you want to have something pretty to look at


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    Remember; HD Totally Re-designed the 09 big twins to use a 180 tire and that would cost you an arm and a leg and not practical.

    Just trade off that Nice bike for a used 09 King and be done with it....:bigsmiley20:

    I did like the look on my 00 FXDS using the one size larger tire (stock 140 to 150) and in 01, HD did away with the bag/fender nuts and DID put on a 150 tire as stock... Looking at the 01 Dyna's, I could not see any change there to use it.

    Maybe they went to a little narrower belt that year also.(01) ????

    Just Say'n


    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    1 1/8" Wide Gates & Dayco Panther Belts For Harley Davidson Big Twin

    Model, Year & Description Fitment For Belts # Of Teeth On Belts Gates Belts Dayco/Panther Belts
    Softail 2000-Up With 70T Rear Pulley (Stock HD Belt Replacement) 135 Tooth Harley Replacement Belt $194.00
    Dyna 2000-Up (Stock HD Belt Replacement) 133 Tooth Harley Replacement Belt $194.00 $169.00

    Looking here, I see that the Before 00 Dyna's had the wider 1.5 inch size belts and the

    00 Dyna's had the Narrower belt of 1 1/8

    That is probably why I could use that 150 tyre on my 00 FXDS... Just the Fender Nuts to rub slightly on the 150 size BUT on the FXD no problem there.