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    My last couple rides (350 miles) I notice that my rear tire seems to be humming at speeds over 60 mph.
    Anyone know if there is a problem with the stock rear tires on a 09 King? My dealer already replaced my front 407 with a 408, is there a problem with the rear also. The tire has 7500 miles on it......thanks.
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    The 407 rear on my Electra Glide started to hum at about 10,000 kilometres (6,000 miles) and has gotten louder as the miles go on. Its cupping just like on the front but HD or Dunlop won't do anything about it, I assume because it is not a safety thing. Coming up on 25,000 kilometres now and there is still a surprising amount of tread left but the humming is so loud i can barley hear the bike when leaning through the highway curves. 407s are (EDIT)

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