Rear speaker size.....99 Ultra Classic???

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    Hello all. Bought a used 99 Ultra Classic that had the rear speakers replaced with Infinity Kappa series speakers. Had one of the speaker covers fall off on a ride and didn't realize till I got home. I bought a new set of 6.5" Infinity Kappa covers BUT when they got here they are too big. SO my question is what size speakers are in the REAR of a 99 Ultra Classic? I know HogTunes sells replacement speakers BUT they don't list the speaker size. I can't just upgrade the speakers from Hogtunes....I don't have the stock speaker grilles to put on. So can anyone tell me what size they are? Are they 6"? 6.5"? They measure larger than 5.25". Anyone have a set of stock rear speakers and grilles for sale? Any help would be great! Thanks!

    Update....I finally had time to take the speakers out and get a part number off the Infinity speakers that was in the bike. By the part number they are 5.25" speakers in the rear. So guess I should have dug a little deeper.
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    That's them.