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    I have a 2008 SG with the HK advanced sound system. It came with the two front speakers which are ok. I am getting ready to add the speaker pods in the rear attached to the King Pak. Once I hook up the rear speakers to the harness attached to the HK radio, do I have to have the dealership soft set some type of code through the buttons on the front of the radio. I have found a few threads where guys were saying yes but admitted that they were taking a guess. Is there anyone out there that added the rear speakers and had to have the Dealer punch a code into the radio to get them to turn on. I have not hooked anything up yet, but would like an answer to this question prior to getting too deep into the install. Is this whole "soft set code input" thing BS or is there any definite valid truth to this rumor? If you do have to have punch in a code, does anyone out there have it and can supply it too me as far as instructions.
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    An obvious question is, "did your after market speaker set come with instructions? Did they say anything about having to program the radio?"

    I am speaking out of complete ignorance on this since my UC had both speaker sets to start. But I would hook everything up and try it. If you got tunes, no worries - just back it out and roll. If the rears do not work, do you have a "Speaker" switch on the dash?

    You may be able to figure out how to activate the rear speakers by going into the diagnostic mode of the radio. On mine, you get there by pushing any two preset channel buttons while turning the ignition from OFF to ACCESS. You will get a series of diagnostic screens. d1 for me has "11111". d2 has "11000011" (may be more or less zeros!), etc. These allow you to see if various switches and controls are working. As I read through the Electrical Diagnostic Manual for my bike, I do not see any way to turn off the rear speakers at the diagnostic level. The "Fader" will obviously let me shift from front to rear as I want. You should check to make sure the fuses are in place in the radio fuse blocks.

    If you still are not having any luck, try calling Radio Sound and talking to a Tech. They were very helpful when I was having problems with my radio. The link is:

    RadioSound - Contact Us

    Good luck!