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    I have a 1989 flhs and was wandering what is a good set of shocks to buy for my bike. i have been looking at progressive supension shocks but they are really expensive. Does anybody have any sugestions?

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    Two trains of thought...
    1.) H-D would put in "poor quality" parts as stock to get product out the door...even with a multi-million dollar facility and 100's of hours of design engineering put into a high dollar, long history and reputation of a well received motorcycle..."! or

    2.) H-D would put in "low performance" parts as stock in the hopes that owners who just purchased the bike with great looks and performance and immediately go and start replacing those inferior parts..."! Answer...

    Both are wrong...H-D puts in pretty high quality parts and materials into the bikes, and yes those original shocks have been in there for over 10 years...they may be tired, but you could probably get replacements and be fine, or find takeoffs as the rear shocks are often changed out if the other rider/owner is lowering the bike as an example or changing because majority of riding is 2-UP 325 lbs not a solo 190 lbs. Try Craigslist or E-bay...couldn't hurt if price is the driver here...
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    I run Progressive 440's on my Dyna Lowrider and love them. Try PHAT motorcycle parts on the web. Great price on Progressive.
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    Bitchin Baggers Check them out!!
    You send them your shocks, they rebuild them, lower them etc. and then send them back to you. Starts at $175 and goes up depending on what you want done.
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    I'm just replacing my 2006 Dyna Street Bob FXDBi rear HD shocks with Progressive 440's. I wanted a 1/2 inch lift and a beefier shock for a lot of 2-up with baggage weight. My OEM shocks are in great shape and will be selling them on E-Bay. Point is if these don't fit your bike you may find someone doing just like me and selling perfectly good OEM parts for a deal.
    Check E-Bay or other online auctions/sellers.

    PM me if interested in my 12 inch HD shocks.