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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by txstileman, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. txstileman

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    hello everyone,has anyone ever changed the rear isolator?I think mine has gone south. Pull the primary or not? Any info would be usefull,thanks
  2. kemo

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    If you are only changing the swingarm isolaters no need to drop the primary.
  3. txstileman

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    thanks kemo,maybe i used the wrong terminology,lets try rubber motor mount,i`ve heard it called both
  4. R_W_B

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    I've only changed the front one on a FXD but I'm familar with the rear. The biggest problem is going to be just getting at it. The one part of the rubber mount bolts to the frame and the other bolts to the back of the tranny. The whole affair is stuffed up in there where you have to get down under the bike to see it all.

    You will need to support the tranny with a jack when you remove the rear mount. When you remove the rear mount the whole swing arm, tranny and engine will be in an unstable and partially unsupported state since without the rear mount tieing it to the frame the only thing holding it all in place will be the top engine stablizer, the front motor mount and to a lesser extent the rear shocks. So I would guess you don't want to move or sit on the bike while the rear mount is removed.

    If you have a sissor jack or screw jack these are better since sometimes oil jacks will slowly leak down. I would think you might have to remove the rear wheel to access the mount bolts with a torque wrench on reassembly, just looking at it. If that is the case you will need to put the bike on a lift. But you still need to support the tranny when removing the mount.

    Let us know how it goes. By the way what is wrong with your old rear mount ? It's usually the front one that gets all stretched out.
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  6. Dswartz

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    What makes you think the rear isolator is bad? Does it have obvious damage? The reason I'm asking is I havent paid much attention to mine and maybe I should! I would think that as long as the bolts are properly torqued you should be in good shape...right?