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    I'm trying to match my rear footboards to the front chrome ones. I bought the bike with the front footboards already installed so I am a bit clueless about how they work. I assumed that I would simply bolt on a new board but when I started shopping on ebay I started to get a different idea about how that works. First of all I found a matching design but the auction is for an insert. The term insert would then imply that I would need a base. This sort of makes since to me since my existing front boards are the floating kind that supposedly absorb vibrations. I later discovered an auction for a rear footboard cover in chrome. So do I need to buy both auctions? I have OEM black rear footboards. Do I continue to use those and purchase a chrome cover so that they are chromed on the bottom and then somehow pop out the black cushion type OEM footboard and then replace it with the matching insert that I found in chrome?

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    Not a direct answer to your question but here goes. My strategy for buying HD OEM parts on Ebay has always been:
    1) Use the HD P&A Catalog (it's online if you don't have a hard copy) to get the HD Part Number
    2) Put this part number into the Ebay search window and you should get exact matches for what you're looking for

    Now, if you're interested in after market parts, you can still use those 2 steps and then use some of the descriptive words associated with the HD OEM part to do another search on Ebay. This usually turns up lots of options for cheaper, non HD stuff but be VERY careful of the seller's feedback, warranty, and the quality of the item. If in doubt, you can take the name of the company or the item and do a search on this forum to see if anyone's had any experiences with the part or company in question.

    Have fun and good luck!
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    Post a picture of the boards maybe someone will know what brand they are. The inserts are normally the top side of the boards, what you have on your bike. Harley makes several of these, 50176-95 for example. You are correct, the covers are normally for the back side of the passenger boards, the part you see when they are folded up. You can replace one or both parts seperately depending on the look you want.
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    Ok so I think I would end up using two items to get the look I want. First I would replace the inserts with this item: Inserts and then put a chrome cover on the other side of the footboard which would be this item Chrome Covers. Does that sound about right? I will end up keeping the OEM aluminum base and attach these items to it. I shouldn't actually have to remove a single bolt if it's done right, correct?