Rear Fender Squeak

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by nester024, Mar 3, 2009.

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    This is quite the broad question, and I'm only asking because I'm infinitely frutrated, but I have a squeak coming from my rear fender area that I simply cannot figure out. 2008 Road King, hard bags. It squeaks, loudly, at idle, and at certain RPMs. If I hit a speed bump or other significant bump, it squeaks.

    I removed the bags, and if I lift up on or push down on the bag rails (that sit under the bags) it stops, but requires significant pressure. I have tried tightening every nut and bolt I can find on the rear, looked for any metal rubbing on metal (as that is what it sounds like), but to no avail.

    I realize this is an odd issue, but thought perhaps someone has come across the same thing and may suggest something I hadn't thought of. It seems not to exist at cold start but develops as I ride.

    Any ideas are welcome, I'm quite annoyed over here...
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    Glider and Smitty are on target here. My old RKC made this noise and indeed was the rubber insulator pads for the mufflers, tried lube but the noise always came back. I ended up cutting up an old rubber rim seal to make a shim and placed it under the bracket to tighten up the area, never had the noise come back.
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    I'll try that, much appreciated gentlemen
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    Incredibly, after reading this post the other day, my bike developed the same characteristic irritating noise again. I have had this problem many times in the past and have usually used a spray lube like WD40 to get lubricant between the rubber isolator and the metal support plate. Yesterday, however, I was out on the road when the racket started. I pulled into an auto parts store and got some light liquid lubricant from Liquid Wrench (called Super Lube). This stuff comes in a small plastic bottle with a tapered top that allowed me to "inject" the lube between the isolator and support plate. Problem solved!!

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    Had a squeek at the rear fender too on my Dyna, turned out all I did was tighten the rear brake light housing..
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    I too have a 2008 RK that started the same thing at about 3k miles. It drove me crazy for about 2 weeks. It was the rubber mount for the muffler as mentioned in other post. Only the right side made the noise. I keep it lubed now and problem is solved.