Rear Fender/Replaced

Guess what? I thought I would have to wait a few weeks for the rear fender to come in for my bike. I placed the order last Monday and they called me on Friday (4 days later)to tell me it had come in! That was some good news!
My question is that I had asked them to return the old damaged fender to me, they said the Motoco may request for them to ship it back to HD? They said on limited addition bikes they do that to prevent some one from trying to duplicate the bike. Are they peeing up my leg or is that true?:20:
I payed for the fender when i bought the bike and paying for it again (The soccer mom's insurance company is). It belongs to me?
I've heard of this before with the anniversary bikes. I think it only pertains to the emblems on the tank as far as I have heard. A fender that is damaged is useless unless repainted and that can be done with any fender, so where's their logic?

PPG furnishes the paint for the bikes and they also have a color match computer that can duplicate colors from a part. Paint numbers can be had in the self help forum too.

Other parts on the anniversary or CVO bikes are VIN specific. If you don't own that bike and can't furnish a registration in your name , you can't buy parts for it.

You do have the right to the fender being you paid for it but think of it this way, suppose the fender was stolen off the bike, would they then sell you a new one ?
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If you paid for both of them, you own both of them. As far as I know they can not keep your tin, it was bought and paid for by you which makes it yours. Unless you agreed to this up front I have never heard of such a thing. Good luck and ride safe.
I know if you replace a frame they want the old one so they can replace it with the same vin # and they destroy the old one. But a Fender?????? That don't sound right
You guys were right. I got the fender back. If it was an emblem or decal of some sort, they would want it back but not the tins.
Good news, got her back and it looks great! You can't tell anything was repaired. They even washed her for me as we can not use any out side water in north Georgia.:bigsmiley12:
Now i have to figure out what i can make with the rear fender?