Rear fender CRACKED! :(

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    I have a 09 FXDB. As the title says, my rear fender is cracked next to the taillight. I have no idea how it happened, but I heard some rattling as I was riding home from work today. I immediately thought, "Oh man, the license plate bolts came a bit loose again." I got home and while looking at the license plate saw that my rear fender had about a 3 inch crack in it. Like I said, I have no clue how it would have happened. I don't sit on my rear fender obviously and I have done no modifications that affect the rear fender (I have V&H short shots, arlen ness big sucker, and a TFI is all). The only things I could think is that because of the (EDITED) roads here in Hawaii and all the bumps/unavoidable potholes it just cracked or maybe someone hit it somehow (??? i dunno how that would happen).

    All that being said, I am wondering if HD warranty will cover it. I bought it new in May of last year. The warranty should be 2 years, correct? If this isn't the case, going through progressive, do you think they would cover it? I'm bummed out about this and know I'll get decent replies from you all.

    As always thank you all, in advance, for the great info and may your spring riding be amazing! :)

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    On my 09 FLHR my tail lights vibrated loose, one bolt fell out assembly rattling wore a hole in the paint. Dealer replaced the fender - free! Next, the license frame broke on one side and license plate was hanging. Dealer replaced the license plate holder - free!

    If you look at another touring bike at a stop light while it's running, there's one heck of a vibration. Horn cover looks like it's about to fly off. Seems to be the nature of the beast. I bought a tube of locktite and use it whenever I take something off and reassemble it. I have a great dealer and so far they have really taken care of me. I do let them do the big services and I to the tweeners and I think this helps as they know me and my bikes. Hopefully you have a good experience with your dealer. Wouldn't hurt to ask.
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    Should be a material defect. I would think it would be under warrenty. Just a bad spot in the steel.
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    That is unfortunate but I would waste no time getting it to the dealer.
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    Back to the Dealer this should be on there dime JMO

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    Are you Kidding, you want sympathy? :bigsmiley15: Roads in Hawaii......... Haw,,,,,,,, the weather is bad most of the time over here in Wa.

    Yes on the below.. Should.

    All that being said, I am wondering if HD warranty will cover it. I bought it new in May of last year. The warranty should be 2 years, correct?

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