Rear Cylinder Pipe Glowing

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Bud White, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Bud White

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    Not super red but red enough i can see it ..

    2008 RKC 3350 miles as of today

    Mobile one vtwin

    K&N Air filter not a velocity stack just plain replacement filter
    SE Slip on's

    Rode less than 105 miles today and tonight when i went to leave my friends house it started and had a high idle well its cool today down to about 45 right now so i thought nothing of it and took off all the way home i had a fast idle at stops..

    Got home opened gate took off helmet and gloves while letting it idle out side light was off so as i went back to it i notice a red glow at the pipe still idling fast shut it off for about 1 min refired and it idled right down and then went into over heat mode..

    Now the rest of the day it ran great no missing popping on decel or anything out of the normal ..i doesnt pop on decel at all anyother time

    No trouble codes at all tonight .. I have rode it in colder weather than this with no problems .. any ideals ?

    Im figuring no much use going to dealer if it starts and runs tomm fine and with no DTC"S what can they do .. Im going to add a TFI shortly but i dont think that would have helped here as it was more like a computer glitch at least i think so ..
  2. glider

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    Not at all uncommon the see the rear pipe glowing, :s
  3. Bud White

    Bud White Well-Known Member Retired Moderators

    I know they run hot but i had never seen it in the dark glow before now i figured if i had been out running about 100 MPH for 20 miles or so i would expect it all to glow red.. so nothing of a worry for a one time deal that makes me feel better
  4. jws833

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    my buddys 07 sg was doing the same thing after he put slip on mufflers & sreamin eagle air cleaner, he put the V/H fuel pak no more glowing in the dark. I have an 08 ultra classic and the first thing I noticed was the heat, my 03 road king did not run as hot as the 07 & 08s. what i did was screamin eagle a/c reinheart true duels and vance hines fuel pak. next is S&S gear dive cams and a jagg oil cooler alreaedy have the jagg oil cooler just not installed and going with the screamin eagle 103 stage one and thats not installed yet either just waiting for the cams. IMO true duels and a fuel managment like V/H fuel pak you will cool it down and sound good