Rear Crash Bars 07 RKC?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by seasure1, Nov 30, 2009.

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    I recently purchased an 07 RKC. For some reason the previous owner removed the rear crash bars? Anyone have a reason for this? I am planning on having my wife ride with me. Are these also used as bars for hand grips. I am new to all this and want to make it as safe as possible for the little woman... Thanks
    Also if anyone know of a good used set I would appreciate hearing about it!
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    The rear crash bars offer some protection to the bags and other parts. What some have found is for the passenger, the bar seems to catch them in the bottom of the leg. Harley sells a cut down version of the stock bar that has the top of the bar where it would hit your leg coming down at a steeper angle so it doesn't cause a problem. I would replace the bars for your own protection with the lowered versions.

    Rear Crash Bar - Harley Davidson Community
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    Ya what Glider said part# 49087-01 $149.95. Enjoy the ride:57: