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rear brake schematic


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ok im an idiot - a small piece of metal from a lanyard that was hanging out of my pocket got caught up between the rear rotor and caliper - sure, i could have removed the wheel, but im lazy so I went to split the rear caliper (like i would myold flh banana caliper) and brake fluid starts pouring out - ok, so I guess that wasnt how to do it - since id already cracked the seal, i figured id proceed to remove the metal tab that I was after in the first place, and then retighten the caliper and bleed - but after I retightened the three 10mm star bolts, I noticed a small oring had fallen onto my rim, and now there is no brake seal - all my fricken owners manual says about brakes is 'see dealer' ***>!>!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?

anybody got a schematic of this damn thing??
i don't have a schematic but i would recommend you replace the Oring with NEW one. the used one may seal and may not - not worth taking a chance on - to me anyway!
if you pull the caliper off the bike and then dissemble it, placement of Orings will be clear, reassemble it on the work bench and then reinstall it on the bike.