Rear Brake lite Switch

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by trent627, Jan 26, 2011.

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    On my 05 sportster , my rear brake lite doesn't work when I applied the rear brake . The front brake works ok . I need to replace the rear brake switch. How do I replace it? I borrow a Haynes manual and its doesn't tell me how to replace it or everything about it
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    Ditch the Haynes manual & get the HD service manual for your will be the best $60 investment for your scoot. It will show proper procedures for changing the switch...I assume you already tested the electrical to rule it out?
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    Just did this on my softail. If your sportster is like my softie, the rear brakelight switch is located aft of the rear master cylinder along the lower frame. Follow the hydraulic lines to locate the switch, it is an 11/16" fitting with 2 wires attached. Pull off the wires and get a thin wall socket with extention (a wobble extention worked well) and remove. On the new switch you will want to wrap it in teflon tape prior to installation. Reconnect the wires. You will need to bleed the system after this. Good Luck!
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    My sportster is a wee bit older than yours but they may not have changed the layout much on mine there is a section of solid brake pipe that crosses from right side to left then a flexable pipe from the swing arm mount point back to the caliper the switch is located around the start of the flexable pipe fairly close to where the left side swing arm mounts to the frame

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    Do a search for Hooples testing of the brake light switch very good read Rear Brake Light Switch - Page 2 - Harley Davidson Community here it is good luck Capital Jack:s