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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Fourdogs, Jun 29, 2010.

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    Can this rear brake light switch be replaced? What size socket. I believe i have water intrusion. My cruise fails to work a lot of the time. How ever no code is set. Seems like my front brake switch is ok. If i hit a bump and i am lucky enough it will not disengage the cruise. Even when i do the reinitializing procedure it won't always set. I believe its not setting a code coz its show the back brake is engaged. So the process is happening so no code is set This make any sense to anyone? How hard is the rear brake switch to replace and is there oil behind the switch. so the system has to be drained?
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    Yes. It makes Perfect sense.

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    A momentary switch is in there, have to look in the HD 2004 RK Parts Manual as this is one area where the HD Service Manual does not tell you WHERE it is or how to replace. Quite honestly, I have not really looked over exactly where that rear brake switch is...but while under my bike there was an "intermediate" casting/cylinder that may house that actuator switch, just remember it is a mechanical switch and as you press the pedal trace to where you see wiring and you will have found it.
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    NEWHD74FAN I know where the switch is .My HD manual only identified the switch. However did not say anything on troubling shooting it or replacing it. I just happen to think maybe there info in the the cruise control coz am sure its in that circuit. Was mainly wondering if anyone has ever replaced one and the size socket. BTW thank for help as well as Hoople " ya guys rock!
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    Fourdogs, is your brake lights on when you're having this problem? These switches do stick, or go bad and have to be replaced occasionally. I'm not sure of the wrench size. This is in your brake line, so after changing the switch, you will have to bleed your brakes. One way to see if it's your problem is to disconnect one wire from the switch and then ride the bike to see if the cruise works, etc. Remember to make sure the wire you take loose is secured and not near the exhaust so it won't melt. Also, while this wire is loose, the brake light won't come on with the rear brake, only the front brake. I think the switch is less than $20.
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    If i were in your position of unsure what tools etc are needed id buy a new switch and you will be able to see how it fits and mesure for relevant tool sizes

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    I think my 89 FLH was NOT a HEX, it takes a special socket I'm pretty sure.:(
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    Some of the brake light switches use the same socket as an oil sender, I have seen dot5 fluid cause this kind of problem