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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by dogpausie, Jul 30, 2009.

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    Hi how do i change the rear pads on my 04 heritage softail
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    Check this out:

    Brake Pad Replacement

    The link suggests replacing the pads one at a time leaving the wheel/caliper in place. I personally think if you are just replacing the pads, it is easy enough to pull the axle and drop the rotor out of the pads enough to replace the pads and clean the exposed part of the pistons. Use brake cleaner spray and try to get a shoe lace around the piston to clean it off. Press them back into the caliper (after cleaning the pistons!!) by prying a couple of large screw drivers inserted between the old pads from opposite directions and wedging the pads apart. Once the pistons are fully retracted, replace the pads one at a time following the instructions so the anti-rattle deal does not fall out. Put the wheel back in place and resecure the axle. Back it out after pumping the brake pedal until firm!!


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    1+ on TQ's post...did the deed as he did, piece of cake...remember to check fluid level when pushing pistons back into their bores, the M/C may overflow if fluid level was ever "topped up" to compensate for pad wear...otherwise it may overflow the M/C a bit.

    At the very end of the day, do the "Overnight Brake Bleed"...Use two bungee cord (to secure the brake lever and foot brakes in the activated position) overnight, the trapped air bubbles will rise towards highest point. Use a plastic or rubber mallet tapping from the furthest caliper piston, up the hoses to the crossover and finally to the M/C banjo fitting. Take the cover off the M/C and check the bubbles as you tap the final bubbles out, releasing the lever/pedal bungees, then pump gently the while tapping, actuating brakes more and more til no more bubbles. Put all back together and makes sure you have strong braking, while bouncing the bike forward to make sure they grab, and repeat for couple more overnighters.