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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bus driver, Sep 13, 2011.

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    My. buddy who is 5'9" has a 2010 Road King is thinking about putting a HD lowering kit on his bike. I was wondering if anybody had any feedback (pros or cons) about the HD kit. He sat on my stock 91 EGC and said it felt lower than his stock Road King. He is very comfortable on his bike but would like it alittle lower. He is a veteren rider who rides about 20,000 mile a year up and down the East Coast. I belong to this forum and have had nothing but excellent response from you guys, so thanx again. Bus Driver
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    Keep in mind if you ride any serious miles that lowering any bike will effect the ride quality regardless of how it's done. Been there with a lowered Deuce and it rode like a brick. These bikes are designed with sufficient suspension and other parts to give a comfortable and safe ride usually and altering the suspension can sometimes cause adverse effects that aren't very nice.

    Give some thought to a seat modification or change to get the rider down a bit.

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    Is friend flat footed at stops??? Why not look at logger boots or upgrade boots with a thicker sole and heel. Like a 2" heel and 1" sole.
    Listen to Glider's advice on just lowering. He will not be happy.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    After lowering 2 baggers I would not do it again. The rear shocks are at a sever angle and take a lot of abuse not to mention the Pogo affect,Remember to re aim your head and spot lamps, if just lowering the rear the primary level will not be the same either, The clutch will have more fluid passing through the plates:s
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    call Ron at Bitchin Baggers he can lower your stock shocks for a reasonable price and still have a decent ride.My 2c worth is stay away from lowering blocks..
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    I have a 2010 FLHTK and I wanted to sit about an inch lower on the bike. I'm 5'8". I sent my seat to Mean City Cycles and they lowered my seat and pushed me forward a bit at my request), and the seat is much more comfortable. I also wear the Harley logger boot. I now am flat footed when sitting on the bike and no need for lowering! I'm happy that I did not have to lower the bike.....
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    I lowered my 08 ultra by buying lowering brackets at first. These brackets are the adjustable type. the have three holes in the bracket to pick from 1" 1.5" and 2". I used the 1.5 drop mostly because im just too short! but at highway speed and extreme dips/bumps the tire would rub the fender. Not safe at all! So I decided to send my shocks to Phoenix customs to have them lowered from 13" to 11 3/8" and they did a great job. I put them on and the bike was a perfect fit.....but the bike rode sooooo stiff. The shocks had so little travel that I had to pump the air in the shocks way high so they wouldn't hit the bump stops. I rode it like this for 3000K+ miles and decided that it wasn't working for me. I went and bought a set of used street glide take off shocks from EBAY and they work fine. I'm not as low as I would like but I feel that this was the best compromise for me.
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    Thanx for the reply guys. Thats why I love this forum, you always get honest, experienced opions. I forgot to mention my buddy has a Mustang seat and a 30 inch inseam. It sounds like a lowering kit is for the birds if you do any serious riding, which he does. I'll tell him to try the logging boots. It's cheaper than having HD do the lowering kit. Thanx again. Bus Driver
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    Thanks for this post. I just picked up a 99 fatboy that had been lowered 1" front and rear. Based on the above post I think I will pull it out. I am 5'10 with a 31inch inseam. I am flat footed now but imagine I still would be without it. Dude I bought it from was a couple inches shorter and had shorter legs.
  10. NELS

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    I wanted my '10 RK lower and used a progressive 1" lower front spring kit with Street Glide rear shocks which are 1" shorter. No complaints on the ride and the ft. end doesn't dive when braking like it used to.