Re-Tuning for move from sea level to 4k+ feet elevation

Discussion in 'Mountain' started by Dan.1977P, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. Dan.1977P

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    We are considering making a move from Virginia at sea level (have a 0 elevation marker in the road in front of my house) to northern Utah and I can imagine I would want to mess with my powercommander once we get there.
    Would I be decreasing the fuel so I don't end up fouling the plugs?
    It's an 06 Fatboy with an 88 in it so I don't have O2 sensors for the computer to auto tune.
    My dad mentioned 'struggling' on is 02 Heritage when going through the mountains on one of his cross country trips and that prompted him to upgrade his 88 to a 103. I've been riding with him a lot lately and he hates to downshift so I suspect that was more the issue than the 88 not being able to be enjoyable in the high elevations.

    Maybe I can use this as a chance to put in better flowing cams or upgrade to a SGS with a 110 since all the stuff I want to do to the Fatboy will turn it into a Fatbagger anyway and getting the Fatboy was really more warming my wife up to the idea of touring the country on a motorcycle anyway. :s
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    Your onboard computer will make some of the changes for you. Your going to much thinner air due to altitude so keep that in mind when you make any adjustments. On mine I added more gas because it was running to lean. I'm at 5200 ft.