re ticking lifters cvo 110 oil weight viscosty?

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    HI i have just brought 2007 fxdse 110 CVO 11,000kms i notice when bike idles it quiet in top end ,but when revs go on sounds like lifters ticking i have changed oil with syn3 20/50
    Has anyone tryed different weight viscosty oil that have shut lifters up bit?
    Is it normal for these motors to have bit top end sound if so has anyone done big kms with out problems with ticking lifters
    Are these bike total lemons as alot people have told me ,is it every cv0 110 that hade engine problems i cut oil filter no metal and bike not use oil & and goes (edit) ape
    new zealand

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    Yes, these engines are louder than others; especially Japanese.
    These engines are a 1930's technology, they are going to "talk". Some folks have had some positive results with different oil, some never will. The problem is that sound is so horribly subjective, that there is no answer.

    Are the 110"s junk? No.
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    You want to stay with a full synthetic. There are many options outside of the SYN3 one. It may be worth your while to take the bike to a shop (indy or HD) and have them take a listen, see if things seem out of the normal range.