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  1. hoosier

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    I just installed Rinehart true-duals on my 07 as was wondering is re-mapping required. I talked with my dealer and they indicated that it might not be required. It runs and sounds great but I don't want to do any long term damage. Any advice or ideas.
  2. bikermonkey

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    I would if it were mine. The air fuel ratio can more than likely be made more efficient over the entire power band. Dyno that thing.
  3. glider

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    More fuel will be in order, your 02 sensors only come into play in the cruise range which leaves the rest of the range running very lean for EPA. It doesn't have to be anything exotic, a TFI will do the job nicely without all the extra $$$ for a more exotic setup.

    As said above, do the stage 1 , this will cool things off and it will run much better with the fuel management.

    Here's something to look at that will save you some $$$ AND you'll have the K&N filter instead of the HD paper filter. I did this on my bike.

    Build Your Own Stage 1 - Harley Davidson Community
  4. Twisted Grip

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    You will be shocked with the changes after the stage 1 and tuner/dyno along with the pipes. They are set up to run crappy from the Moco and there is a bunch of horses crying to get out under your saddle! Smoother idle, better throttle responce and the engine breathes 100% better.
    You spent some $$ on the Rineharts,(nice pipes!) now take care of the fuel management and you will be very happy!
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    I have a question about cams. I already have the S/E ac, pipes, and download. If I go to bigger cams how does the dealer compensate for this since the stock ECM isn't adjustable. I know it would be a good thing to change to a SERT or PC but do you have to or can the dealer just flash a new download ?
  6. Ozoneman

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    I've been wondering if I should do the dyno test also. My Ultra has Sampson ovals and Big Sucker AC. The previous owner said he had the dealer load the HD download (whatever that is). My bike seems to run well and accelerates well. But when I approach a stop sign and I down shift, I get a few pops or light backfires as I decelerate. Is this a sign that I need to have it dialed in more? Do I need to buy SERT or PCIII and put it on a dyno?
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    I got the Arlen Ness Big Sucker and the T-max :bigsmiley9: to go with my rinehart TD's.