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Raised white letters


Hi All, Has anybody used the white lettering pens from HD to highlight the lettering on their tires ? Does it work ? Does it last ? Is it worth the effort ? I like the idea of raised whites, but don't really want to buy new rubber.
Yes, it works, Is it worth it?

That's a matter of opinion. I did this on cars in past years and I would say it's not worth it to me. As Hobbit said, it has to be refreshed every so often, it's not permanent.
I've seen those pens at schuck's, but I never looked at the price.
The white pens do work, and yes they have to be reapplied, and are great for touch up if you inadvertently "scuff" 'em. Wesley's works good for keeping the sidewalls looking "whiter"...used them on my cars in the 70's and 80's.