Can you use rainX on the Roadglide windshield?
Can you use rainX on the Roadglide windshield?
I use a product called Rejex which I bought at my local H.D, dealer on their recomendation. I think it repels water better than Rain-x and it can be used on any shiney surface
or plastic but not on flat finish surfaces. You can read some imfo. on it at the following link. Dave

RejeX for Vehicles
I believe it says on the bottle not for plastics. Try pledge furniture wax, it's all I use. The bugs come right off.
No, I have a bud who used it on his and it looks like he used fine steelwool after a while. I use mothers wax on mine and rubit in good in with a microfiber; it will actually remove swirles. It also makes it easier to remove bugs after those 12 hour rides in the South!!

Big Lou
I use Rejex...and personally I believe it to be the best product on the market today....If you have swirls in your paint i think H D Swirl and scratch remover is the best on the market...JMO...give Rejex a try...just be sure and follow the directions ...Promise you won't be disappointed...Oh ! yeah ..its for the windshield as well...initially its why i bought the product....coz I also ruined a windshield with another product....
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