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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by r8rs4lf, Aug 28, 2008.

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    Just picked up an '09 standard and trying to decide if I should purchase the stock radio from Harley. I negotiated enough on a gift card to get the radio plus installation done. The main thing I want is for the radio to have iPod capabilities. I've been told I can hook up an iPod to the factory radio through a jack on the front panel of the radio. From the looks of it, it looks like the iPod won't be charging while playing. Can anyone confirm this?

    I also went out and priced a whole aftermarket system which consists of an Alpine radio (iPod capable of course), JBL components along with a hidden antenna. They will have to make the Alpine fit since the hole in the fairing is bigger than the actual radio. The iPod will of course be charging this way. This went for a little over $1K installed. The factory radio installed will be somewhere around $1500.00. This is where the problem lies.

    I can get the factory radio installed for free (giftcard) basically and use cash to purchase my exhaust, AC, and tuner through aftermarket dealers or I can go with the aftermarket radio set up and use the giftcard to purchase the exhaust, tuner, and AC through Harley. I'm fairly confident that the exhaust will cost more through Harley, am I right?

    I'm just trying to figure out which route to take since I really want iPod capabilities.

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    Six in one, half a dozen in the other. All i can tell you is that I plug my MP3 player up to the radio through the phone jack and it works great and it charges through the cigarette lighter. Some guys on here hate the factory system although I think it works great! Maybe the '09 is different, I dunno
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    Another question, can anyone verify the use of the bar controls with an aftermarket radio? That's another deal breaker for me, I have to be able to control the radio from the controls.
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    I don't know much on the baggers & such, but my husband has the egc & he didn't like the ipod going through the factory stereo (he said it wasn't loud enough)....he does like it better with the FM transmitter. But, I also don't know if he may have had the volume on the ipod itself turned up, (I'm betting that he didn't since it doesn't matter with the FM transmitter). We both like the idea of keeping the ipod charging, and we like to be able to use the radio controls. (We had an after market stereo with that feature in his last truck). I will check out the ipod volume this evening when I go out to clean the bikes & let you know what I find out. His opinion might change once I show him that feature.

    I would opt for a stereo that is ipod ready and use the gift card for other items that you are going to get anyway. It won't be hard to spend. :s Good luck.