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Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by Doak-A-Hey, Sep 7, 2008.

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    Was wondering if anyone out there has had an issue with the Radio/CD Player LCD Screen going BLANK. Was intermitant at first, now it stays blank. It continues to function but can't run the diagnostics. This is the second unit I've had on the bike. The first one was scratching the CDs to the point where they wouldn't function.
    Any advice would be helpful. Heard that I'm SOL if I don't take it into the stealer !
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    The radio on my '06 lost the red night time background light.It had no display when dark outside.Luckily this was covered under the factory warranty.I have heard these radios are very expensive to replace and difficult to find someone to repair them.
    If you search the other forums (HD Forums and V-Twin)there may be some info on finding repair.
    You may be better off replacing with a Pioneer headset.
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    You might check out this post:

    Harmon Karden Radio - Harley Davidson Community

    This guy had a problem with his HK radio, and may have an answer to handling the radio that will also work for you.

    I do not have the HK radio ('03 UC), so when I had problems with mine, I pulled it out and sent it to Radio Sound (RadioSound - Home). They may NOT work on the HK radios tho'.

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    Doak-A-Hey, My 07 RGlide radio screen just started going blank yesterday. We're still under warranty so not a bid deal. Just hope this not something that's going be a problem later. If you hear anything let us know. I will post what I find out with mine...iowatree
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    My 07 Ultra HK lcd screen just went blank this week. The bike I bought new in May 07 and now has 38k miles. Have only had the problem with the radio keeping good time up until now.
    1. Any good place to send radio for repair?
    2. Is there a simple fix?
    3. Will the dealer be able to help me at a no cost/low cost?
    4. Am I just done????
    I enjoy having the intercom, weather band, cb radio, mp3, cdplayer options on the sound system.
    H E L P!!!?? Please!! :bigsmiley25:

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    I have seen this on my 06 Ultra. But not since I was down in FL for Daytona BW. Haven't seen it since. Was it the heat? It has been in the 90's here in NE North Carolina for weeks now and no problems. Might be moisture related but I didn't have much rain riding in FL in March. I'm just glad I haven't seen it in 6 months.