race turner/power commander/or something else

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SPH100, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. SPH100

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    Just took delivery of my new 09 ultra. Wondering what would be best to but on. The race turner/ power commander /or something else. I do alot of 2 up riding, I am not looking to race, just wanting good solid power and reliabilty. Ride alot in the smokey mountains of NC and VA. Or would I be just fine with the stage 1 air kit.
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    you will get alot of opinions

    TFI works well till ya go true duals then it wouldnt hold a tune for me

    I have a power commander III reason i went with it vs Harleys race tuner i coudl tune it at home with out the dyno run and a bunch of other stuff

    They say the 09 is more tolerant of air cleaner changes and slip ons but i wouldnt push my luck
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    Race tuner is the way to go.I have 03 classic with tru duals and SE air filter.I had nothing but problems with the PC III .I had the race tuner installed and it runs like a new bike,even sounds different.I have great throttle response.I had them run a custom map and gained 10 horespower.I ride 2 up and the HP gain has helped.With anew bike if you want to keep it in warranty that would be my suggestion.
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    Like BudWhite said, the PC III can be fine tune easily in the confort of your home. For the 2009 it is the PC V. I just install the PC III on my RK last week and it is running perfectly.
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    As was pointed out, ask ten people and you will get ten different answers to this question. I went with a TFI unit when I did the roller chain conversion on my '99 Ultra. I added a set of Andrews 26N cams and a Ness Big Sucker air cleaner to the V&H slip ons that I already had. The TFi unit is just what I was looking for. Not too expensive, relatively easy install, good customer support, and the performance results are very good.