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  1. I wanted to get opinions of those on the forum who have in their bikes race engine motors or are looking to get them that can these motors be just like the touring motors of your stock bikes?
  2. Yeah i do mean big cams,heads. So you think that these engines couldn't be as reliable of putting 50k miles as a stock bike could?
  3. I have 90 miles on the new motor.I have been keeping the rpm's below 4000 just babying the bike. In your opinion should i do a dyno tune now or wait till 1000 miles?
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    Agree with all above statements. Trouble is...there is touring and there is racing. You can "race" a schoolbus but why would you? Unless of course it's against other hopped up school buses. :D I guess that's how tractor pulls and monster trucks got their start? My opinion is that you can have way more power then you need without going overboard and suffering through an snarly sputtering bike stuck in traffic? Most people start out thinking they want this wild high horsepower machine then when it doesn't run right or drinks a tank every 2 miles they park it /sell it and don't ride it anymore. My suggestion (and it's only a suggestion) is that you carefully think about what you are trying to accomplish before you lay out your money. :bigsmiley28:
  5. Yes i did the 60 mph down the 30 mph 10 times already,thanks jim for telling me from the forum.

    Hey some good advice and i hear you.I already laid out the money and i have the bike now.
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