R & R Rear Wheel on a '96 dyna

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    this is the first time I have done the rear tire change myself, the tire is off getting mounted, so I will have to replace it on the bike tonight, I have a manual to follow, but I noticed a bunch of spacers in the wheel when I dropped it off to get mounted.

    Any tips or hints would be appreciated
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    With your manual, just follow the book. If you pushed out the spacers from inside the hub, the longest one is in the middle with the two narrow ones on each side. Look at them carefully, but I think they are both the same width. Then the bearings go in if you do not have the sealed ones. Then the dust covers. If you have the sealed bearings, forget all that stuff above.

    When mounting, I think the wider spacer is on the left, but check the book to confirm. Make up an indicator out of a wire coat hanger to align the axle before completely torquing the nut. When you do this, make sure the belt is at the correct tension (book again!!).

    Wheel Alignment - Harley Davidson Community

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    thanks alot, I already made up indicators when I pulled the wheel since the belt tension was good, its was the inside spacers that spooked me


    put the wheel on, it was a piece of cake.....

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