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Quick question about repair manuals

The Rook

I own a Clymer and want to shout from the roof tops how worthless it is.

What do you guys suggest for a '96 Sportster as far as repair manuals go?
Yup, Clymers are better used to soak up yer spilled oil.

Don't have anything real useful to offer other than scan the auction sites for a HD manual. Yer bikes getting up there in years (not that there's anything wrong with that) so it'll be a little difficult to find.
I have to go with the HD factory manual too. It's much better than the clones.

You should be able to get one at the dealer, if not try online too.
Yep, I run old school and the greasy pages of my service manual have done me well. Check your local dealer.
I am not all that great at workin on these Bikes...but the HD manual is second to none. Covers your particular model completely..Easy to understand...and we here in the forum are truly blessed...coz if theres something we DON'T understand in the manual we got Glider and Hobbit and other to help explain. So if ya need a manual...Get HD's manual.....Good Luck...
As always I'd like to thank you fine gentlemen and ladies....if there any among you.

C'mon be honest, at least SOME of you are ladies.:lolrolling