questions on installing new radio and speakers

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  1. Hey guys Ive got a bit of a dilemma, I bought 2 speaker pods for the rear tour pack, ( my bike is not a ultra ) The guy at my local HD shop said I can not add 2 additional speakers to my stock head unit! Unless I want to tap into my existing hogtunes, which would be useless! So I have decided on a Kenwood marine unit at Bestbuy, So my main question is, does the aftermarket radio need some special supports in the fairing to support it? Also is there a company that makes wiring harneses for HD or are people hard wiring the after market radios to the HDs wiring? Looking forward to all your input!
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    DITTO on what HDDon said, I have an Electra Glide Standard and did a complete install from Biketronics. I used J&M speakers (awsome), And the marine grade radio from Best Buy. One recomendation though Best Buy sells a couple of marine grade radios, don't go cheap you get what you pay for.
    Good Luck and enjoy the tunes.