Questions from a first time trike rider

Discussion in 'Trikes' started by wcppe, Jun 5, 2013.

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    I just bought an 05 trike w/ the Lehman conversion installed by the HD dealer. It has 20K on the clock, but I have some questions about it, and I am hoping someone can answer.
    1. The brakes, especially the rear, seem to be inadequate. The pedal isn't soft or spongey, but compared to my 07 Ultra, they leave alot to be desired. Anyone know how many miles I can expect to get on the back brakes? Are they difficult to replace? Are there two brake discs, one for each back wheel?
    2. The 5-speed tranny has a mechanical reverse. Is it true if you try to shift into a forward gear while in reverse, you can destroy the tranny? Ouch!
    3. I have trouble getting into neutral. Trying to "lift" into neutral from first gear with the toe end of the shifter is almost impossible. Pushing down on the back shifter seems to be a little better, but still not as easy as the 07 Ultra.
    4. Any idea where I can get an owner's manual for this bike?
    5. The fuel gauge seems to drop awfully fast. The previous owner said the original gauge was replaced, but it reads the same as the original. He said when the level shows between half and 3/4 full, it's time to fill up within the next 30 miles. He also said it stays on "full" for a long time. Is this normal? Does this bike have a low fuel indicator as the 07 does (I don't have the owner's manual)? Any idea of MPG's I should expect (on average of course)?
    Thanks to anyone who replies.
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    I don't know about the troubles you are having but I know you should be able to get an owners manual from a dealer ($30.00 where I go), and a service manual is a good idea as well ($60.00 where I shop). I have heard the brakes on the older trikes were not too good. Others will have the answers to your other questions soon.
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