Questions for a used bike purchase!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by hogrotten, Sep 7, 2010.

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    So if you were going to buy a used 05 Roadking with 30,000miles on it from a dealer what questions would you ask? :small3d008:
  2. buck484

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    I probably would ask what maintence was done, cam tensioners etc. was oil changed regularly and with what type of fluids. Then take it for a nice cruise and let the seat of your pants tell you their opinion.
  3. Jonas

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    In General and based on issues with my bike and experience. 2004 RoadKing

    1. Has the bike been layed down or crashed?

    2. How many owners? Why did the previous owner trade it in?

    3. Have the cam tensioner shoes been address? How? MOST IMPORTANT

    4. Any motor upgrades stage 1, 95", cams. etc.

    5. If stage 1 does is have a tuner? Or was a program downloaded. If downloaded they can tell you what program.

    6. If it has stock exhaust, check for cracks in the head pipe behind the rear cylinder.

    7. Check the shifter arm coming from the transmission behind the primary(rod from the shifter runs back to it). Is it loose? I bet it is.

    8. Do they have the maintenance history? Was it serviced with them?

    9. Does it decel pop when you ride it?

    10. Check clutch and brake levers for pull. Ease of pull on the clutch lever and make sure the front brake lever does pull in to far.

    11. Eyeball the brake pads.

    Note; The same bike can be bought for 11K to 12K all day long.
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    Jonas has a gr8 11-step process & also do some price research on Kelly Bluebook so you know what they should be asking. Definitely take for a test spin & doesn't hurt to take it out for a thorough drive if you're seriously looking to buy. Good luck!
  5. dbmg

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    As part of negotiating talk about Harley extended warrty.
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    take it to someone else to look at it also, or bring a friend with u two set of eyes better than one , good ride on ot for sure
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    "Will you take $7500 OTD for it?" :D
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    Jonas has a great set of questions, but do not expect to get good answers on all of them. Everyone that trades in a bike is going to say it has never been dropped and has perfect maintenance. Unless the work was done in their shop, or they can see obvious signs of damage, then the dealer is just going to tell you what they were told. I know with my last car I offered the dealership all my receipts and notes for the 4 years worth of oil changes and other routine maintenance I completed, but they told me no thanks. It was just more paperwork they would have to track and pass along. Not worth their effort since it would not affect the price they put on the car during re-sale.

    The biggest thing is your test ride. Even the smallest thing you see or feel should be discussed. If they say they will fix anything then get it in writing. If they say something is not a problem that you think might be then get it in writing. A second test ride by a buddy with lots of experience is a great idea as well.

    If at all possible, insist on a 72 hour return clause if accompanied by a letter from a mechanic saying they found a problem. This will make the dealership think twice if they did not do a solid inspection, and gives you a couple of days to get it to a mechanic that does not profit from the sale. The $50 spent here might save you a lot of grief later. I have forced the issue on every used vehicle I have purchased or helped friends purchase, and I have seen two cars get returned under the clause with friends. The one time the car dealer refused I told my friend that they probably knew something specific they were hiding. An honest dealer will not care because they have already checked the vehicle out.
  10. TQuentin1

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    Jonas has a great list started for you above. You might want to add:

    • Condition of tires and date stamp on sidewall of both front and back.
    • Condition of front engine mount
    • During test ride, any "rear steer"?
    • Obvious oil leaks (wet gaskets and oil wet powder coat around seams)
    • Check in jug fins for oil leak from rocker boxes (especially rear)
    • Raise rear tire and inspect belt condition all the way around
    • If air shocks on rear, do they hold pressure?
    • All lights work, highway, highs/lows, signal, 4-ways
    • Check for codes after test ride (see below)

    Check for codes by doing this:

    04-07 HD DTC Codes and Activation - Harley Davidson Community