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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Ozoneman, Oct 9, 2008.

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    The wife and I went to look at a 883L for her. We put some money down to hold the bike so I don't have it here to look at and I don't have the owner's manual yet. But I plan to order some Amsoil tonight for my Ultra and her soon to be bike (883L). I need to know how much oil to order for her bike. Is the sportster 883 like my Ultra as far as oil for the engine, trans, and primary? If separate, how much for each?
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    sportsters have 2 holes instead of 3......engine one hole and tranny and primary 2ond hole, I don't know the capacities.

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    Hobbit is correct, only when changing oil, fill the new oil filter 1/4 full with synthetic motor oil, wetting the interior fully (takes about 3 minutes), then quickly spin it in and hand tighten firmly. Put in only 2 quarts to start with the bike on the jiffy stand, run engine for 2 minutes, checking for leaks during this time. Stop engine and wait a couple minutes. The oil level cold is at the lower mark (hot oil will be between the low and full mark typically). :cheers
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    What do you guys think about getting this bike for my wife? She will be a new rider and wants to ride along with me instead of riding on the back.

    Being a new rider will this bike work for her? She is 5'5" tall and 59 years old. We have heard that the sportster is top heavy, but is the 883L also considered top heavy? Will this be a problem for a new rider? She is also considering a dyna low rider.

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    IMHO, Have her take a rider-ed course first. There were three people in my class who had never ridden and dropped out the first day. Decided they would rather be passengers.I finished the course but changed my mind real fast about what was the best bike to ride. For me it was a small 250 Honda and after 3000 miles I moved up to my husband's hand-me-down XL883L.I think the bike you start on is a very personal decision, but you SHOULD know how to ride first.
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    As I have stated in other posts, the 1200C is top heavier than the
    1200L. I'm 5'2", it is my first bike, i also like having the controls underneath me, instead of forward controls. I believe the angle and slant of the fork on the 1200C is what makes it much heavier, and cause my legs to be straight out when riding, my nieghbor, same height has the 1200C, she has dropped her bike 4 times, usually at slow speeds. once it starts to lean, it's over.