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    Will a STOCK 2011 Street Glide seat fit on a 2008 Street Glide? I've googled this question, and got so many different answers I'm not sure what to believe. Some say it fits fine, some say NO, because the frame is wider, and the seat will hit the fender. I'm looking for a stock seat for my 2008 Street Glide, and can find nothing on ebay except '09-15 seats. There are tons of those for sale. I'd love to buy one, but not sure if they'll fit without messing up my fender. Thoughts?

    Also, anyone know the price of a new OEM 2008 stock seat? Dealer said he could order me one, but wasn't sure of the price without looking it up. I can get one off ebay for less than $175, but if it won't fit, then it's wasted money. Help?

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    Look on the form JUST had two riders have their stock seats and either wanted to trade or sell... Look at a post today from me and you will see the thread...

    Plenty of stock, Good Hardly used seats are Often available from others buying Other seats...

    I Don't think the Newer model years above 08 will work... The statement of Wider frame and Different(changed) mounting system on the 09 and Up...


    Link:WTB stock seat - Harley Davidson Forums -

    OOPS TOO NEW......
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    Look at seat mfg. fitment catalogs for what years interchange. Mustang (att. link) shows 2008-2015 as same part #.

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    Went to the dealership......... my dealer said........ "'09 and up, the frame is wider, so those seats definitely won't fit right." I tried a Sundowner, it still sat me too close. How do you guys ride with those? Tried a tallboy, that sat me too far back, so I gave up, and just ordered a 2008 OEM.