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Question on first service


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I am currently doing the 1K service on my '06 883L. I have drained the trans fluid (30ozs measured) and have a question about locktite on fasteners. The drain plug has some white stuff in the threads (saw that before when changing exhaust and other oem fasteners) and the primary chain inspection cover screws have blue locktite on them. The FM and OM neither one mention using locktite on any of these screws. Is that correct??

hi petra,

Nice name...It does not hurt to use a little lock-tite, just has it doesnt hurt to use a little pig snot on other items,, just dont over do it.

I'm by far not an expert--but I think you want to use anti-seize on the primary and inspection cover screws. Hopefully someone a lot more knowledgeable than me will respond before you lock up those screws.
I do all service on my 05, and have on all my previous bikes including 3 other Harleys. What you need is a inch pound torque wrench so you can torgue the fasteners properly and skip the locktite. Locktite is great for other items, and I use it often, but not on any of the fasteners involved with your 1000 mile service. If you use it on the torx screws on the clutch inspection cover for example they may be difficult to remove next time, you did pull that off and verify your primary oil level and check the clutch adjustment per the service manual right? The primary drain plug has an O-ring and doesn’t really require anything on it. Inspect the O-ring and make sure its in good shape. Torque it with a inch pound torque wrench to proper torque and it won’t leak or fall out.